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2019-01-23 15:39:36

If the site is like building a house, I think it might just be a rough room in the early stages. If you want to be an attractive "mansion", you need to "renovate" it. First, PC / mobile adaptive is the era of mobile Internet today, the old website has been basically eliminated, and the website is now the main

If the site is like building a house, I think it might just be a rough room in the early stages. If you want to be an attractive "mansion", you need to "renovate" it.

First, PC / mobile adaptive is how much money it takes to make a website today in the era of the mobile Internet. The old website has basically eliminated the Cangzhou website construction , and the website is now the main mobile website. If your old website is n’t suitable for display on mobile, there is only one suggestion: change your website now!

In addition, the overall style of the website should be kept simple. Secondly, in order to enhance the experience, the basic experience of adding points to the website is a big pain point. Many spam sites, sites with zero weight, and even many large sites are not very good. The entire website is basically contact information Cangzhou website construction company .

Have been in the construction industry for more than ten years, let landlords share. Domain name, this landlord should know. Can repair some clouds above Alibaba Cloud. server. If you want a forum, the registration review in the past few years is not strict, and we also help users to successfully submit the domain name of the personal forum.

Today, you have to participate in a forum and it is not easy to pass. So be prepared for both hands. If the application is not available, you need to purchase Hong Kong or foreign server PHP. forum. Most forums use DZ source code, you can view their introductions and tutorials and get them yourself.

It was troublesome some time ago, and it will be better to be familiar with it later. Maintenance, basically, you are familiar with DZ, maintenance should not be a problem. Just not professional, it will be more annoying. But it is necessary to explore this process on your own.

The company's corporate website custom development and production website, some customers choose the kind of template on the market to build a site, the cost seems to be relatively low in the early stage, the disadvantage is that the template style may not match the product or service of the company, user experience No, the template Everything is not easy to use, it is not conducive to seo search ranking, and there are many follow-up problems. It takes more effort and money to make up and improve. The comprehensive calculation is not much cheaper! In addition, the current mainstream website construction method is a customized website, which is based on the needs of customers.

General website customization fees are generally more than 4,000 to 6,000. Thousands of yuan for corporate brand customization is also common, and general small features have membership site fees. In the range of 10,000 to 30,000, if it is an industry portal or e-commerce platform development, the price is more common between tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands.

Next, let's analyze the cost of custom website construction: A standard corporate website project requires at least one programmer and one designer, and time to communicate with customers before and after longer communication.

If it were faster, it would be more than 20 days. If it is slow, then more than 35 days, of course, developing e-commerce portals takes longer. It may take two to three months, and the cost itself will be understood. All in all, many customers now like cheap, like the price, which is cheaper, but the final production is observable, which is directly related to the low threshold of this industry.

In fact, we must know that college students or technicians who have just graduated for one or two years continue to drive down prices in order to capture business, which leads many customers to think that it is cheap to make a website. Therefore, we must fully consider avoiding being deceived!

A team with design and construction experience, summing up more than ten years of custom workstation experience into templates, vision, functions, details, interaction, all feelings, based on the flexibility of the template itself, pass your own pictures and text to re-arrange and adjust After VI color, it is a different website.

Such a template is a good template. Why do many people say templates are cheap? Because most of the templates they see are old designs, the front-end CSS code is a few years ago, a set of CSS code is ubiquitous, the name is open source, and the framework is not new, just like the information publishing website, the graphic ratio not equal. Visually uncomfortable, let alone color. Such templates certainly make people feel low-end, no doubt.

Hello, website building and see how you do it!

1. If you want to build the source code, you must also submit the file.

1You must prepare the program. The program uses open source systems such as dedecms, phpwind, wordpress, etc. If you understand website construction, you can understand the code. You can make basic modifications, then just need:

Can be modified in 2 days. This time the procedure is ready. If you don't know the basic building knowledge, it is recommended to spend time: 1 month of training and learning, and more online courses.

1.2 Secondly, you don't want to buy a server, this is faster, and now more, you can search for a dog, which is 9 years cheaper.

Enough to buy a domain name: .com averages about 70. 1.3 Doing domain name filing: About 22 days, 1.4 doing these steps, your website is basically fine.

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