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2019-01-23 15:39:36

If the site is like building a house, I think it might just be a rough room in the early stages. If you want to be an attractive "mansion", you need to "renovate" it. First, PC / mobile adaptive is the era of mobile Internet today, the old website has been basically eliminated, and the website is now the main

If the website is like building a house as a website company , I think this may be just a rough room in the early stages. If you want to be an attractive "mansion", you need to "renovate" it.

First, PC / mobile adaptive is today in the era of mobile Internet. The old website has been basically eliminated, and the website is now the main mobile website. If your old website is n’t suitable for display on mobile, there is only one suggestion: change your website now!

In addition, the overall style of the website should be kept simple. Secondly, Cangzhou website construction company , in order to enhance the experience, the basic experience of adding points to the website is a big pain point. Many spam sites, sites with zero weight, and even many large sites are not very good. The entire website is basically contact information.

Do n’t: Do n’t blindly look for reference tutorials for Cangzhou website construction

At the beginning, there were many various novice tutorials. The level of these tutorials was uneven. Some of them were written by high-handwriting and half-buckets of people, and many of the contents were similar. The tutorials written by people who do n’t really understand optimization are nothing more than taking the tutorials written by others in the past. Regardless of the content, the skills are out of date, and the whole brain is stuffed into his own tutorial. If the novice just started the tutorial with those inferior books, it would be unavoidable to be misled and the first step of the SEO path would be wrong.

Second don't: Don't blindly use the way above in the tutorial

Many tutorials have been written for several years. Although the knowledge in it is the most basic knowledge, it is the basic skills, but the methods of search engines are changing every day. Some knowledge is out of date, and some of the methods are Will follow without effect, or even fail. If you don't discover, renovate, and practice, but apply the outdated methods blindly, do you say that you will be effective?

Website layout and function settings Website layout should consider the needs of the company's products and services, as well as the needs of users, and display the products and services that users are most useful to users in the most important part of the website.

Keep users within 1 time. The functionality of the website should focus on interactivity so that the website can give users a feeling of being at home. Website construction is convenient for users to browse website layout and function settings.

Website design and construction. Website design refers to the overall style of the website and the design of related web pages. Through the free combination of colors, lines and graphics, the effect of highlighting corporate characteristics and website characteristics is achieved. Website design requires a lot of artistic aesthetics, which requires designers to have unique insights on artistic aesthetics in addition to professional design skills. The finished product designed by the website designer is an image.

The next step is for professional website technicians to display designer-designed pictures in HTML format. Through the page structure positioning, reasonable layout, image text processing, programming, database design and other work, the front and back of the website are linked to form the prototype of the website.

Technical means can only collect IP. IP can only help you understand where the user is, rather than allowing you to return customer information. You need a phone number or email address. Mobile phones are often sensitive.

It may not be suitable for users. Mail is common. With so many websites doing business, they will build a mailing list to encourage users to subscribe in various ways (provide a subscription form and let the user enter an email address), and the user fills in the mailbox so you can contact him. I know that domestic website operations are simple and rude, and most people have no patience for email marketing.

So if you have to collect a user's phone to return to visit, you can find the location on the website, or if you are interested, a key page prompts the user to leave the phone, or encourages the user to sign up, or the website provides a "contact us" form, Or company business. The phone is placed in a prominent location on the website, and if the customer calls, he will automatically answer the call.

How much do you know about the steps for setting up a corporate website?

With the rapid development of the Internet era, most companies have their own corporate websites, and online promotion has become an indispensable link. Compared with other costs of the enterprise, the investment in establishing a corporate website is relatively small, but the promotion effect on the product and the company is undoubted.

However, we should also be familiar with the specific steps of establishing a corporate website, so that we can better express our needs for establishing a corporate website, and let the company that develops the website design a suitable webpage according to the needs.

First, find the company website you want to build.

Professional [website building] companies will also ask you to find your company website first. Is it a promotion or is it some kind of user interaction?

Or it is the type of product to be sold. Corporate websites in different locations need to be produced in different ways, and the specific fees will vary, so you still need to do a good job of positioning the corporate website you will build. If you don't know how to locate it, you can also ask a website construction company to help you find the company website you want to build so that you can better build your own company website.

Secondly, Cangzhou website construction company chooses a suitable corporate website style.

Different corporate website styles are also different. Although there are some basic templates online, website construction companies can design a suitable corporate website style according to your requirements. The choice of style is also an important part, especially for companies that are just beginning to promote, a good page can leave a good impression on users on the Internet, and can also be promoted on the side.

Finally, improve the information on the company's website.

Most of the steps are done by a website construction company. To build a company website, you just need to improve the final information. Some content on the company website is to complete the business and fill it out. Only then can you ensure that your company website meets your requirements. In the later period, there is also some publicity and maintenance work. You can find the person responsible for the company that is building the website. It is also important to promote and update the company website daily.

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