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2019-01-23 15:39:36

Do not blindly follow the trend of Cangzhou website construction. I have seen a lot of word traffic on the Internet. Many people make a lot of money by ranking this website. So as a novice, you follow the flow, quickly become a new website, register a domain name, purchase space, hang the website and start to optimize the word. One month and two months

不要盲目的跟风 Don't blindly follow the trend

I saw a lot of words on the Internet, and many people made a lot of money by ranking the website. So as a novice, you follow the flow, quickly become a new website, register a domain name, purchase space, hang the website and start to optimize the word. One month and two months can still pay for website construction . Slowly, no matter how much mentality you spend on it, there is no result at all. In the end, you have to accompany your wife and lose your troops.

Let's calm down and think: as a novice, you have no optimization experience, and you have not optimized resources. How do you compare with those optimized veterans, those who are ranked in the front are all optimized experts, they are better than ranked Compared with their technology Cangzhou website construction company , compared with their resources. Do you have these things?

Do not simply learn SEO

Learning SEO is easy and difficult. I don't think anyone dares to say that he has learned all about SEO. What SEO needs is its own research and invention. If you are always waiting for others to share his knowledge and lessons, those are things that are about to expire, and you still hold those common sense silly discussions like a treasure, then you can only follow others forever Turn back.

Website layout and function settings Website layout should consider the needs of the company's products and services, as well as the needs of users, and display the products and services that users are most useful to users in the most important part of the website.

Keep users within 1 time. The functionality of the website should focus on interactivity so that the website can give users a feeling of being at home. Website construction is convenient for users to browse website layout and function settings.

Website design and construction. Website design refers to the overall style of the website and the design of related web pages. Through the free combination of colors, lines and graphics, the effect of highlighting corporate characteristics and website characteristics is achieved. Website design requires a lot of artistic aesthetics, which requires designers to have unique insights on artistic aesthetics in addition to professional design skills. The finished product designed by the website designer is an image.

The next step is for professional website technicians to display designer-designed pictures in HTML format. Through the page structure positioning, reasonable layout, image text processing, programming, database design and other work, the front and back of the website are linked to form the prototype of the website.

With the popularity of Internet technology, the establishment of government websites has become a "standard action" for governments at all levels. Government websites have the advantages of convenient, fast and timely network technology. Therefore, at the beginning of its birth, it received a lot of praise and brought many expectations.

However, what followed was the establishment of some local government websites, and the system, management and personnel could not keep up. They are not updated throughout the year, or they are not practical.

In recent years, with the deepening of reforms and service reforms, the use of government website carriers to achieve "more information and fewer people running" has become the direction and focus of all departments at all levels.

However, the lack of standardization of website construction, the lack of service guidelines, and the existence of security loopholes have exposed the problems of some local government website construction. These websites not only save money, but also increase the work of the masses and cause inconvenience.

Website construction can begin to prepare for online work, but before going online, you must do a whole test job on the website. Some webmasters may be obsessed with a particular test, and of course there are some good tests.

The method is to complete all the functions of the website, including page buttons and everything that can be operated or the user can browse for unified inspection, but it is troublesome.

I shared with the webmaster three things that are important to the site. Code naming Xiaobian browsing the website has the habit of viewing the website source code. If you find that the JS method or CSS style name in the website appears in Chinese, then the editor will laugh without talking.

Today, the HTML5 era has arrived. If the construction site is not in English, it will cause a joke. Therefore, the code should be strictly named according to the English grammar to ensure that the search engine does not crawl abnormally.

When the page link checks the page link, it will pay attention to whether there is no response after clicking the link, or the page that was not initially set, and also notice that the 404 page cannot be found in the link, etc. If this is detected, be sure to assign the link correctly. If there is an error page, create a 404 link, not only for websites but also for search engines.

The role of creating a website

Corporate image enhancement

As a kind of uninterrupted media platform, the Internet is beyond the reach of traditional media. As a business, the most obvious thing about building your own website on the Internet is that you can show your business style to the world, let more people know about your business, and enable your business to have a certain degree of public awareness.

Networked Management

In a relatively large-scale enterprise, the management of information flow, logistics, and capital flow should have a relatively standardized and scientific process. The emergence of the network has just met the need for such business management automation. Here, the network is improving efficiency, such as internal news announcements, order management, customer management, procurement management, employee management, and many other complicated tasks can be easily completed on the Internet and LAN.

(1) Expansion of capital scale;

(2) Optimize corporate financial structure;

(3) Perform asset reorganization;

(4) Adjust product structure and promote industrial upgrading

(5) brand protection;

(6) promotion (main role);

(7) Save internet marketing expenses for enterprises.

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