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1. The purpose of building a website This is a core issue in website planning and needs to be very clear and specific. The purpose of building a website is also a question of the positioning of a website. The functions and content of the website and various website promotion strategies are designed to achieve the intended purpose of the website. 2. Domain name and website name a good domain name pair

1. Purpose of building a website

This is a core issue in website planning and needs to be very clear and specific. The purpose of building a website is also a question of the positioning of a website. The functions and content of the website and various website promotion strategies are designed to achieve the intended purpose of the website.

2. Domain name and website name

A good domain name is of great significance to the success of online marketing. Website names are as important as domain names, and domain names and website names should be considered as important content during the site planning stage.

3. The main functions of the website

The function of the website is the basic expression of the website construction company to provide services to users. Generally speaking, Cangzhou website construction , a website has several main function modules, these modules reflect the core value of a website.

4. Website Technology Solutions

According to the functions of the website, determine the technical solutions and implementation methods of the website, including server selection, operating system, and related program development.

5. Website content planning

The content of different types of websites varies greatly. Therefore, there is no fixed format for website content planning, and it needs to be formulated according to different website types.

6. Website Testing and Publishing

After the website design is completed, the Cangzhou website construction company should perform a series of tests. When all the tests are normal, it can be officially released.

7. Website promotion

Website promotion activities generally occur after the official launch of the website, but at the stage of website planning, you should have a clear understanding and plan for future promotion activities in order to make corresponding cooperation in the process of website construction.

8. Website Maintenance

After the website is released, it is necessary to regularly maintain and optimize the Cangzhou website construction , such as server and related software and hardware maintenance, website content updates, and adjustments.

9. Website financial budget

Website construction and promotion are largely constrained by financial budgets, all planning can only be within the scope of financial permission, so financial budgets should not be ignored. Making a reasonable website plan and building a full-featured corporate website are the basis for effective online marketing.

Significance of SME Website Construction

Establishing a corporate website can achieve information sharing and fair competition. The Internet has given SMEs the possibility to compete with large enterprises. Through the sharing of information resources on the Internet, small and medium-sized enterprises obtain market information that is critical to modern enterprises and cannot be collected in conventional ways, such as the development of the industry; the product characteristics and competition strategies of various competing companies; the dynamics of market demand for products, etc. Wait. In this way, small and medium-sized enterprises can understand the competition situation of the entire industry in a timely manner, so as to carry out correct corporate strategic positioning.

Establishing a corporate website can reduce costs and improve product competitiveness. Lack of funds is an important factor restricting the development of small and medium-sized enterprises. Contacting, understanding and negotiating business with customers through the Internet can significantly reduce costs and eliminate many intermediate links, allowing enterprises to directly purchase raw materials from the source of raw materials. It can also sell products directly to customers, which greatly reduces marketing costs and procurement costs.

The company's corporate website custom development and production website, some customers choose the kind of template on the market to build a site, the cost seems to be relatively low in the early stage, the disadvantage is that the template style may not match the product or service of the company, user experience No, the template Everything is not easy to use, it is not conducive to seo search ranking, and there are many follow-up problems. It takes more effort and money to make up and improve. The comprehensive calculation is not much cheaper! In addition, the current mainstream website construction method is a customized website, which is based on the needs of customers.

General website customization fees are generally more than 4,000 to 6,000. Thousands of yuan for corporate brand customization is also common, and general small features have membership site fees. In the range of 10,000 to 30,000, if it is an industry portal or e-commerce platform development, the price is more common between tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands.

Next, let's analyze the cost of custom website construction: A standard corporate website project requires at least one programmer and one designer, and time to communicate with customers before and after longer communication.

If it were faster, it would be more than 20 days. If it is slow, then more than 35 days, of course, developing e-commerce portals takes longer. It may take two to three months, and the cost itself will be understood. All in all, many customers now like cheap, like the price, which is cheaper, but the final production is observable, which is directly related to the low threshold of this industry.

In fact, we must know that college students or technicians who have just graduated for one or two years continue to drive down prices in order to capture business, which leads many customers to think that it is cheap to make a website. Therefore, we must fully consider avoiding being deceived!

The construction of a corporate website must have a domain name. There are many types of domain names, such as com, cn, net, org, etc., different types. The prices of domain names are different. When it comes to choosing a domain name, it's not just a random domain name. It needs to consider later optimization and promotion.

Second, the space cost of corporate website construction. Space stability is very important. It directly affects the access speed, the opening speed, and the slow speed that affects the user experience and spider crawling. Moreover, the space is too small and the stored data is limited. You must choose a space suitable for enterprise development. Choose a well-known space service provider.

Third, the type of corporate website construction. There are various types of websites on the market, such as templates, traditional, display, marketing and different types of websites. Efforts are different, websites with prices ranging from a few hundred yuan to 10,000 square meters are cheap, and it is also widely used by market construction companies. Real professional corporate website construction and production service teams only take up a small part.

For example, the marketing website of Xuemin Design Studio is customized. Individual planning, design, and production will be combined with the needs of the enterprise. This requires technical, human, and material support. Of course, we provide a very good value for money. The service team generally lacks the strength and cannot produce professional professionals. Websites, you can only use template-based websites or perform impersonation workstations.

Home customization: small and micro enterprises have high cost-effective manufacturing, total station customization: a new design for the entire station, tailored for the enterprise, and adapted to traditional medium-sized enterprises. Adaptive full-site customization: The new design of the total station uses the HTML5 technology standard and is suitable for desktop computers, laptops, tablets, mobile phones, etc. All devices are used and the customer experience is good.

Adaptation design companies, advertising companies, large enterprises and listed companies all have their own websites. This is nothing new. The Internet era has brought more marketing channels for enterprises. In addition to entities, they must also be virtual. More potential customers have been developed in the network.

For a corporate website, it represents the company's overall image in the network. Therefore, corporate website design plays a very important role on the website itself. Only the design function of a corporate website can capture the user's attention and attract more in the first time user.

What should we do before we find a radio service provider?

First of all, the first thing to consider is your own project plan, direction and features.

Second, the cost and cycle can only be analyzed by determining the details of the website.

Third, according to the cost of the website, the division of labor for each department of the website should be clear.

Fourth, choose to establish a company and communicate smoothly. Many people blindly choose some regional dialects that cannot be understood and communication is blocked. At least the choice of Mandarin is a bit basic. Communication is the first step in the whole process.

Fifth, we must choose a radio-based service provider with many years of experience. This is not a question of eligibility. What matters is experience. In many cases, the related industry of the website is growing rapidly.

Some experiences can directly avoid detours and greatly help them. If you find a newbie to do it, you can start at a lower cost, but once the direction is incorrect, the path is incorrect, or the work is repeated, and the wrong way, there is no reference information.

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