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2019-01-23 15:39:36

If the site is like building a house, I think it might just be a rough room in the early stages. If you want to be an attractive "mansion", you need to "renovate" it. First, PC / mobile adaptive is today in the era of mobile Internet.

If the site is like building a house, I think it might just be a rough room in the early stages. If you want to be an attractive "mansion", you need to "renovate" it.

First, PC / mobile self-adaption is the mobile phone website construction in the era of mobile Internet. The old website has basically eliminated the Cangzhou website construction , and the website is now the main mobile website. If your old website is not suitable for display on mobile, there is only one suggestion: change your website now!

In addition, the overall style of the website should be kept simple. Secondly, in order to enhance the experience, the basic experience of adding points to the website is a big pain point. Many spam sites, sites with zero weight, and even many large sites are not very good. The entire website is basically contact information Cangzhou website construction company .

Where does a website construction company live? There are five reasons:

1. The official website has been submitted (except overseas) and has the website logo ICP record number, so the credibility still exists.

2. The formal corporate website is still the symbol of the company's online brand in the Internet age, not just the meaning of accessing the portal.

3, the cost of enterprise construction Cangzhou website optimization is still the most affordable of all Internet products, except for customization costs, as long as the annual technical maintenance fee and server domain name are free, you can use it for life.

4. Many traditional enterprise users are still willing to implement the concepts of one-year minor repairs, three-year upgrades, and five-year revisions.

The trend of the times is changing, and the needs of customers are also changing. Large enterprises rely on 8 words: the trend is the trend, and the merchant has no field. You can be swallowed up on an acre of land at any time.

5. Now is the era of entrepreneurship, the era of capital chasing, and the company's life and death are going on every day. For many entrepreneurs, finding a professional agency to customize a website with a unique style, clear expression, and exciting content is still the wisest choice.

Tips for creating a website

1. Website theme planning

The themes should not be too decentralized. The more concentrated the theme of the website, the more energy the website owner will generally invest in this aspect, and therefore the higher the quality of the information provided.

2. Enriching website content

The two complement each other, and rich content is often welcomed by visitors. But the rich content here does not mean the complexity of the content, but the depth of the content. When search engines rank websites, they not only look at the relevance of the information on the page, but also consider how popular the website is, such as how many external links are, how high the click-through rate of the page, and so on. Therefore, a content-rich website will definitely be ranked in front of a website with poor content. Because different search engines have different support for web pages, do n’t just pay attention to the beautiful appearance when designing web pages. Many of the elements commonly used in designing web pages reach the search engines There will be problems there.


Some search engines (such as FAST) do not support frame structures, and their "spider" programs cannot read such web pages. Image blocks, except for AltaVista and Google, which explicitly support linking of image blocks, other engines do not support it. When "spider" programs encounter this structure, they often feel at a loss. So try not to set ImageMap links.

4, link

Many websites have added navigation links, such as clicking on an item will expand the lower link. These effects are usually achieved through Java script, which is very visually novel, but in the eyes of the "spider" program, it is not so attractive, on the contrary it cannot interpret such links. In order for search engines to successfully retrieve web pages, it is recommended to sacrifice some fancy things.

The content of internal links to the site should be relevant.

High-link external links can make websites more conducive to increasing keyword rankings. It's also really internal chaining. Highly relevant internal links help improve search engine crawling and help. Improve user experience, increase user stickiness, and increase website traffic. The number of internal links should be moderate.

Each article has a maximum of three anchor texts. Too much can be considered as keyword accumulation. Internal links must guarantee the nature of the URL. Especially for dynamic static processing, only one link can be kept. We should write bot rules to block dynamic URLs, or search engines cannot determine whether it is the correct linked page, which will result in website content being blocked. Anchor text should be diverse.

Don't always use the same anchor text for the internal links of a single page. Appropriately adding secondary keywords can improve the user experience and increase the chances of a page being retrieved. Internal link page allocation is reasonable. : The internal link should be based on the main keyword, and the long tail keyword is complementary.

The three layers of homepage, column page, and content page are reasonably distributed. The internal link of the content page must pay attention to the words with proper guidance to attract users. Do not intentionally insert the internal link into it.

Clear website structure column Share the website structure column of SME image promotion / company product display website design and development here.

(1) About us: It is used to introduce the history, culture, background and other information of the company, and it can add branch content, such as: company profile, corporate culture, development history, honor certificate, social responsibility, etc.

(2) Information Center: Used to release internal news, industry information, media reports, frequently asked questions, etc .;

(3) Product Center: Used to publish products, pictures and texts such as company product A, company product S, company product D, company product F;

(4) Case center: Case information of case A, case S, case D, case F, etc .;

(5) Recruitment: used to display talent recruitment information display;

(6) Legal statement: It is used to introduce company law, legal affairs and other information.

(7) Complaints and suggestions: mainly used to collect customer complaints and suggestions;

(8) Partners: Display the information of the company's main partners, and can be displayed through the partner's LOGO icon;

(9) Contact us: comprehensive display of company contact information, circuit diagrams and other information;

(10) Online customer service: through the website online customer service consulting software, to fully realize the instant communication (IM) between website visitors and customer service, as well as online sales, customer service and real-time website management functions to better serve customers;

(11) Site map: providing users with the most convenient navigation service is the key service that users want to achieve.

Steps to create a website

1. Application process for domain name website construction

2. Apply for space

3. Find the website

4. Analysis of website functions and requirements (website planning)

5. Website style design

6. Website code creation

7. Test the website

8. FTP upload website

9Improved Information

10. Website promotion and maintenance goals Before designing a website, you must tell the website person, region, country, etc .; provide website planning books in order to design a Chinese online library to target the browsing habits of the group.

Customize your web page. Website pre-production is very important, which determines the purpose of your website, and maintains the website in the future to make your website useful. It is very important.

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