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2019-01-23 15:39:36

The design style of the corporate website construction plan must fully consider the company's own characteristics in the process of writing the plan, and comprehensively analyze the market before building the site, understand the market of its own industry, optimize the ranking by combining SEO in the layout, and seek for clarity, simplicity, and generosity. The color should pursue unity, fully display the corporate image and

Design style of corporate website construction plan

In the process of writing the plan, it is necessary to fully consider the characteristics of the company, and to comprehensively analyze the market before the construction of the site, to understand the market of its own industry, to optimize the ranking in combination with SEO, to be clear and concise, clean and concise, and to pursue uniformity and full display of colors Corporate image and product sales. At the same time, put the most attractive information or products on the homepage, and try to attract customers' attention in the shortest possible time. It is mainly composed of column navigation name, column content, technical implementation means and page number.

A team with design and construction experience, summing up more than ten years of customized workstation experience into templates, vision, functions, details, interactive Cangzhou website construction company , all feelings, based on the flexibility of the template itself, pass your own pictures and text After relaying out and adjusting VI colors, it's a different website.

Such a template is a good template. Why do many people say templates are cheap? Because most of the templates they see are old designs, the front-end CSS code is a few years ago, a set of CSS code is ubiquitous, the name is open source Cangzhou website construction optimization , the framework is not new, just like the information publishing website Again, the graphics scales are not equal. Visually uncomfortable, let alone color. Such templates certainly make people feel low-end, no doubt.

Cangzhou website construction company more and more companies build websites, various website systems spread all over the Internet. It is not a simple thing to build a website. To complete a program, some basic knowledge is needed to introduce some basic knowledge of website construction. I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

1. Domain name Domain name is the name and address of the website. When setting up a website for an enterprise, the domain name of .com, .net or .cn is generally selected.

2. Web space Web space is a virtual host. Enterprise websites need to run on a web server, which requires a certain amount of hard disk space. For example, we need to provide space for corporate websites.

3. Website interface The website interface is also the appearance, overall feeling, and overall structure of the website. The web interface is the first window for users to contact the Internet. It has a crucial impact on the user experience of Internet products as well as the number of visits, registrations, sales and even costs.

4. Website program Website program is the function and technical content of the website. For example, whether it is online payment functions, online messaging, etc., or whether to use advanced technology to optimize the website, these are also very important for the website.

5. Static web pages In website design, HTML-formatted web pages are often referred to as "static web pages." Early websites were usually made from static web pages. Nowadays, pseudo-static is very popular, that is, the original dynamic program is disguised. Static pages, static and dynamic, make the website more conducive to the optimization and maintenance of the website.

This website is the center of personal brand communication. It is an important entry point for small and medium-sized enterprises to understand enterprises and understand the promotion of products in network communications. The website is a store in a virtual network.

No matter how you use channels and communication in multiple channels, users should fully understand the development of your brand, your products, and your personal network. The comprehensive display method is to use a website for display. Why does social e-commerce marketing start with website promotion? Fuwu believes that it has two main benefits. Websites can get traffic from search engines.

Some users are accustomed to searching information through WE letter search; some users are accustomed to searching information by title; some users are accustomed to searching data through search engines such as Baidu. If the search results in the search engine contain information about your website, are you getting more traffic than competitors who don't have that website? The website can be used as a traffic pool for private domain traffic.

Domain names and servers belong to individuals or businesses, and lost traffic remains on the website. For product introduction, users can read the content of the website directly; for the source of the user, you can increase or adjust the promotion strategy by analyzing the data; in order to turn the user into a hard core fan, you can provide more possibilities through "0 distance" communication .

With the popularity of Internet technology, the establishment of government websites has become a "standard action" for governments at all levels. Government websites have the advantages of convenient, fast and timely network technology. Therefore, at the beginning of its birth, it received a lot of praise and brought many expectations.

However, what followed was the establishment of some local government websites, and the system, management, and personnel could not keep up. They are not updated throughout the year, or they are not practical.

In recent years, with the deepening of reforms and service reforms, the use of government website carriers to achieve "more information and fewer people running" has become the direction and focus of all departments at all levels.

However, the lack of standardization of website construction, the lack of service guidelines, and the existence of security loopholes have exposed some problems in the construction of local government websites. These websites not only save money, but also increase the work of the masses and cause inconvenience.

SMEs recognize the need for a corporate website.

First of all, the establishment of corporate websites can achieve information sharing and fair competition. The Internet has won the possibility of SMEs competing with large companies. Through the sharing of information resources on the Internet, small and medium-sized enterprises can obtain market information that is critical to modern enterprises and cannot be collected in traditional ways, such as the development of industries; the product characteristics and competitive strategies of various competing companies;

In this way, small and medium-sized enterprises can understand the competition situation of the entire industry in a timely manner, thereby achieving the correct strategic positioning of the enterprise. Secondly, establishing a corporate website can reduce costs and improve product competitiveness. Lack of funds is an important factor restricting the development of SMEs. SMEs can communicate with customers through the Internet, understand and negotiate business, which can greatly reduce costs and costs, and save many intermediate links, so that companies can directly purchase raw materials from raw materials. The product can be sold directly to customers, greatly reducing marketing costs and procurement costs.

Third, the establishment of a corporate website can expand the market and gain new business opportunities. The internet extends there, and the market can expand there. Using the Internet to conduct business, small and medium-sized enterprises can get rid of the limitations of the original small living space and expand the market to places that cannot be effectively achieved through personnel sales or advertising. In addition, SMEs can often contact potential customers at home and abroad, provide convenient and inexpensive network information services, introduce products, services and corporate culture, or respond to customer inquiries in time to find more target customers.

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